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Day of Rest

Monday, July 10, 2006

Went to church this morning - we studied Acts 2:41, where 3,000 people believed under Peter’s teaching.
Back at home, I received a phone call from the Snyders, who are traveling across crountry to CT - and were at Post Falls. Well, that’s only 12 miles away. We were going to meet at iHop, but it was quite busy, so we just came back to the Smyth’s for a few minutes. They only stayed a half hour or so, as they wanted to get to Butte, MT today if possible.
Then, at 1:15 (before the world cup finished) I went over to Mike and Michele’s for some steak. Phil and his family were there and we just relaxed, shooting the breeze, chewing the fat for a few hours.
Was able to get a half-hours nap today - and played around on the computer for bit.
This evening, Derek and Chantal, as well as a couple other couples came over, and the whole gang sat out front and visited till about 11:00.

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