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This week's progress report

Friday, May 29, 2009 0 Comments

This week's progress report:

  1. Finished 'unstacking' and 'stacking'. Got through all The Lamb Powerpoint boxes (1,600 of them), and stacked on the racks. In the process 'attended' the NSBC Memorial Day Bible Conference.
  2. Tuesday, a fax came in regarding the quote for our Tabernacle Furniture Sets. Since the fax machine was broke in Canada, I got to oversee the signing / faxing / wire transfering a portion so they can get started.
  3. All this week I've been working on trying to finish up the Unlocking the Biblical Worldview (UBW) video series. This has been a long row to hoe, as I had it finished a week or so ago, but didn't like the quality of video I was getting. So I re-rendered the images to TIFF instead of JPG, and that helped a lot. Then, of course, you have to replace the footage in the videos w/ this, re-render to AVI, re-render to M2V, re-author the DVD. Not quite finished on this, but real close. Still have to make a few small Subtitle / Caption changes.
  4. Got UBW online, as well, as below! This player isn't the final output, but will work for the time being. Again, the quality of video was a concern, and ended up going through After Effects to F4V. Some would think it's tedious, I was just happy to get a higher-quality looking video.
  5. Duplicated 50 sets of Spanish and 50 English Stranger CD AudioBooks. That's 900 CD's...
  6. Vacuumed, took out the trash, answered some phones, packed on Wednesday, backed up server data for off-site storage (like every other Friday.)
  7. Figured out the Mac / Windows Bootcamp. I've been running Windows, but went to Mac to render some clips. In the process found out Mac won't write to a NTSC drive, so had to install something to get that going. But then it wouldn't boot back into Windows. Fun. Eventually got it figured out and so thankful I didn't have to rebuild my Windows box.

Writing this out doesn't sound like much... not sure why, because it took close to 60 hours.

Unlocking the Biblical Worldview

Friday, May 29, 2009 0 Comments

Just finished getting this video series online. It’s a project that has been on my desk for over a year, and really good to see things come to this point. Not quite finished getting the DVD together, but it’s very, very close. Perhaps tomorrow or Monday. But for now, here’s the video!

Update of sorts

Thursday, May 14, 2009 0 Comments

Last week has been a tough one for me. I found out that our web designer here at GoodSeed is planing to move on, leaving the direction and implementation of future web projects up for grabs. Since I have been involved with the website from almost the start, I'm the best pick to carry the maintenance aspects. However, the weight of the direction of the site will be carried by 3 of us (2 in Alberta and myself here in Idaho.)

One note on this: Our new website is superbly designed, which makes maintaining it much easier that could be. We have a new store / shopping cart, which is much better than what we have been using. So, with all this in view, we are very blessed to be in the position that we are, and for this we are very thankful.

Needless to say there is a lot to figure out and implement yet. And hopefully that will come in time. While this does add more responsibility to my plate, the basic meaning is that it will take longer to get anything finished.

The Lamb is at the press, and we are expecting them to arrive in early July (English, Luxembourgish, Portuguese & Chinese Simplified.) We have ordered another set of Tabernacle Model kits, scheduled to arrive in June. And we are in the process of ordering another 600 Tabernacle Furniture sets. There are a couple other projects close to finishing - The Portuguese Stranger Ed4, Portuguese WorkBook Ed4, The Interactive Stranger, The Large Print Stranger, The Arabic All that the Prophets have Spoken, A 4 lesson series DVD on Unlocking the Biblical Worldview. And up in Canada, they are working on some of these as well as other projects. And those of you who know some history, some of these projects have been "close to finishing" for quite some time. Herein is the dilemma. But, as with most projects, they often get hung up on something of which you have no control.

Suffice to say, we have enough going on it seems. But there are other things we'd like to do more of, and that takes wisdom to manage / implement / juggle time. Thank all of you who have a part of supporting through prayer and finances to help keep me here, creating tools to help people understand the Message of the Bible and teach it to others.

If you'd like to donate, one way is right here.

What it takes to put on Subtitles and Captions

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 0 Comments

Here's a quick synopsis of what it takes to get decent subtitles and captions on a video:

  1. Transcribe the video
  2. Import text file to CPC
  3. Format each caption (CPC does an initial 'dirty' format.)
  4. Time each caption
  5. Proof / fix
  6. Proof again
  7. Export Subtitles
  8. Build DVD w/ Subtitles for proofreader
  9. Correct problems from proofreader
  10. Export Subtitles again
  11. SaveAs another file for Captions
  12. Export Caption data
  13. Import them into Scenarist for final DVD Authoring

It is a straight-forward process, just takes a while if it's an hour long message with lots of speaking. This video I'm finishing up has about 3 hours total of video content, or 3,053 subtitles!

Back in the groove

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 0 Comments

I'm not sure if it's me, but time does seem to be going by quicker the older I get. You hear that from time to time, but it does seem just a short while ago when it was the year 2000. I was moving from Ontario to Alberta, before setting up shop there for the next 5 years. Today I looked back, and saw correspondence for the Portuguese Lamb dated in 2007, a book that is now at the printer. Either time is going faster, or projects just take a long time, I'm not sure which is the case.

Mondays I'm usually on phones, which makes it hard to concentrate on any big project. On Tuesdays we have an office meeting between 9:00 and 10:00, which is good, but after it's an hour to lunch time and the afternoon is over way too fast (see above paragraph.) Wednesday's are when I pack orders for Lloyd, so that also throws a wrench in productivity. That leaves Thursday and Friday, provided that those that are scheduled to do phones are around to cover that. I'm not complaining, so please don't read that into this. The things that we do here are very helpful to so many people, and there are many other GoodSeed staff that are able to put their mind / energy to a specific task and see that followed through. However, it doesn't work that way too often for us here in our office, it seems.

It is a different type of work than I'm used to, and these are some things I've been dealing with / going through these past weeks. However, God is able to work through me even in this.

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