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Friday, September 29, 2006 0 Comments

Well, today was a busy one. I wasn’t sure how much work was involved in moving my stuff down south, but it was more than I bargained for! After ‘living’ in a place for over 5 years, you tend to have a lot hanging around. I was thankful to have help for this endeavor (Roger, Renee, Rod were the main contributors - (thanks!)) and at the end of the day (9:30) the truck was full and there was things left over yet. I’m not totally finished yet, will tie things down in the morning and re-think the idea of getting a small trailer to take the rest (since I am not leaving first light.) It’s only a 8 hour drive, so it’s not a critical thing to leave early.
It’s unbelievable how much stuff is here. I remember fitting all I owned (and my computer equipment) in my old Ford pickup and coming out here some 6 years ago. It all fit in ok, but times have chanced a little. Not a problem, just a little more work is all!

Finish and head south

Thursday, September 28, 2006 1 Comment

Today Friesen went to work, I went to town to buy some last minute stuff, and finished off the electrical. Was outta there by 2:00 or so.
Back at the ranch in Olds, started in on the grueling task of going through all my old stuff (and cleaning files off the Snap Server at the office.)
The Kary’s had me over for supper, which was a real nice time.
Seemed to be running a fever, so I quit early (8:00) and hung out at the Graf’s for a bit before retiring.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006 0 Comments

The day started out like most up here - breakfast at 8:00, leave for work at 9:00. Oh, wait, Bill was late (and he was driving today) so we left around 9:30. We drove to Gwynn, then decided to go to town and pick up some facia, so that all 3 of us could at least do something. By the time we got to the barn, it was around 10:30. Bill and I put on wall tin (it took a while, as just about every piece had to be cut) and John took the lift and did the facia. It’s looking real good.

We got back home at around 5:00, had supper, then I went out to finish off the electric, and John torched a hole in a culvert - that goes under the waterer for the cows. Just about done with the project, but not quite.

Trip to Edmonton

Monday, September 25, 2006 0 Comments

John and I took a trip to Edmonton to get some supplies for his electrical project going on in the yard. Prices of wire has trippled in just a year or so - it’s really getting out of hand. 4/0 is around $36 a meter, and thankfully we didn’t need any of that this time.
Well, all in all we were able to get what we wanted in 3 different stores, and came home (at around 2:30). We then went to work installing what we just got. We are running 2/0 to where the shop will be from The House That Bob Built, and 8 gauge copper to the pole shed, then 10 guage to the cattle waterer. Basically all this work is for the waterer, but needed electricity to the other places as well.

Olds and Wetaskiwin

Sunday, September 24, 2006 0 Comments

Had breakfast at the Grafs, which was really good. Nice to be subject to their hospitality!
At church, it was great to see everyone again, though it was tough to explain to everyone that I wasn’t coming back (on a permanent basis.) It wasn’t as bad, though, after I said it was only a 8 hour drive and I’m always looking for a road trip.
After that, I went to get gas, then Tim Horton’s, where Roger and Renne bought me coffee and a do-not. Then I drove up to Wataskiwin to see my buddy Friesen.
Here, we had to ‘play’ a little with his new 262b - a Cat skid-steer. It wasn’t work, beause we still had our Sunday clothes, so that was ok. We trenched a little and was getting ready for putting in some electric lines for the shop, shed and waterer.
Went over to Pete and Cathy’s for fasba and to hang out. It was nice, but also I had internet access to upload all this stuff.

Trip to Olds

Saturday, September 23, 2006 1 Comment

Today I left CDA at around 8:00, and drove up to Olds. 8 hours of driving time, beautiful weather - just a nice drive. I was a little nervous going - facing everyone, and telling them I’m not coming back.

Road trip -- Olds, AB

Saturday, September 23, 2006 0 Comments

Tomorrow I leave for the Great White North. It’s not white yet (at least the part I’m going to), but it’s a coming. The plan is to deliver a truck load of books (pick-up) and bring back a truck load of stuff that I have all over the province. Not sure how long the trip will last (not sure how long they will let me in for!) but I’d like to get up to Wetaskiwin too, so I should return by at least mid-week / end of next / early the following week something…

I’m not sure where my phone is. Ever since I broke the clip, it’s been hard to hang on to. Probably in my car - and it’s good that I don’t take it to Canada. The last time I did that it cost an extra $70, so I just might not look for it until I get back. So don’t call me.

Today was just one of those ‘whatever’ days. A little of this, little of that. But was able to upload some audio files on my home church’s website. And yes, it does look familiar (getting the most out of my template from You’ll have to have a listen (the Romans 6 lessons are all there, but we haven’t enabled the *.m4b extension on the server yet. Once that’s done it should work just fine.)

Aunt Mildred

Thursday, September 21, 2006 3 Comments

Tonight I got a call that my Great Aunt Mildred died this morning. She was a dear lady who had a spark and cheery way about her. I’ll sure miss her. I was thankful that I was able to see her last time I drove to CT last March—she was even driving around by herself, and I walked her to her car when she left. She looked good, though weak and a little frail, but still had her way about her.
The funeral will be next Tuesday. Uncle Richard, her husband, has problems with Alzheimer’s, so I’m not sure how / if he’ll respond to this all.

So far this week, life has been interesting in the sense that I have been working on several small projects. It’s as if I’m trying really to get things organized, not really working on any project in particular. I’ve tried out Extensis Portfolio, Canton Culumulus, and now Avid Alienbrain. There is a lot to consider, and it’s tough trying to find a solution for all your organization’s digital assetts.
Plus, we have several projects in the works, in various stages of production. From re-prints to brand new products, all in all we are looking at about 25 different projects flying around. Not all have been started, but are on the slate anyway, when we get to it. While I don’t have my fingers in all of them, some are pretty much my job. Never a dull moment.

Another week, another week end review.

Sunday, September 17, 2006 0 Comments

I feel a little bad not updating my page that much, but not much has been going on, other than working in the office. While it has been a busy week, it hasn’t ben much to write about.
Today at church (I had decided this week to attend North Country Chapel again, instead of the one in CDA here) we started going through the book of Ephesians. Mostly introduction, but it was a very good and worthy message, only covering 3 verses. We are complete in Christ, and that was so good to hear!
Well, this afternoon, I picked up some footage shot of me cutting the top off a tree, which I may or may not post later (I’ll have to compress it down a little, and I have to do that at the office.) This was on the tree I cut here for Tom back in April.

Need more sleep.

Thursday, September 14, 2006 0 Comments

Yeah, been busy last few days. Most of the GS projects I have are on hold, but that’s ok, because there’s more to do. The other 3 projects I’ve been working on are awaiting imput from others, so I just need to wait on them. That’s good, because I have a lot of loose ends in the works. One of which is shooting photos for friends of mine who run - a Christian Gift Store. I’m not sure of how many products I’ve shot last night and tonight, but I have 232 photos to show for it. Some products only take 2 images, but I would guess I shot 50 pieces or so. Not my favorite job, that’s for sure!
We at GS are also looking at some Digital Asset Management software, and my current ‘project’ is to learn how to use that and take it for a test drive. Extensis Portfolio is the name. It’ll be good to get something in the works, because it’ll really help us out if this works we. I really need something for my pictures - I have over 20,000 sitting on my hard drive. Just try to find one, eh? I’ve tried a few, and found them lacking. Hope this new DAM software will work well!
Yesterday a few of us went to help Barney move his mother in law out of her old house. She will be eventually moving into Barney’s place, but not quite yet. We have been talking of putting an addition on his house, but it looks as though they will try to fit in as it is now and see how things go.

Arches National Park
Page 2 - more photos yet! For those of you looking for the arches photos, click on the 2 links above! Due to the extensive writing, the pictures got shoved off the page! Sorry.

Week in Review

Sunday, September 10, 2006 0 Comments

Pardon me for not keeping better up to date. It’s been a long week, and not much happening, other than sitting in the office working on stuff. I don’t like to write that I sat in the office all day working on stuff, so find it hard to get here to type that in.
Spent most of the week working on The Lamb PowerPoint / DVD, and at the end started on formatting the German Lamb. I’m waiting to hear back from the boss on the Interactive DVD and The Lamb PPT, so that’s why I started another project. Right now, we have 4 translation projects to do.
RS and KW had a gift clearance sale on Saturday, but didn’t do too well. Think they just missed the Garage Saling season for the year.
I reckon that’s all for now.

Office work - The Lamb and Inventory

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 0 Comments

First thing was to count inventory for Faith. This is my new job, second time doing it. There’s a lot to go through, amazing really. Just a few years ago there was only one book, now there are over 60 items that we carry, around 40 being GoodSeed material. Lots of translation work (link to the GS Translation page.)

Well, after counting books, I finished the questions for The Lamb PowerPoint today. Took till about 10:30pm to get it all done and print hard copies so it can be proof-read. We still are working on the booklet that goes with this, and have yet to do a DVD of the same, though I have questions about how to put the DVD together right now…it’ll come I’m sure.

Drive back from Oregon today...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 0 Comments

Today was a long day - not because of large amounts of work that needed to be done, but just getting started to get home to actually arriving at the driveway was just an ordeal. I was still pretty wiped out from climbing trees, and so Barney drove the way as I studied my eyelids from the inside. I didn’t see much.
Just before Tri-Cities, we stopped to look at the trailer, as Barney thought it was acting strangely every once in a while. Good thing we did, because there was only 1 lug nut holding the right tire on, and that is an over-statement. So, with the help of a friendly camper who lent us a 13/16”, we were able to steal a couple one off the other side, and make it to the nearest Walmart.
Here at WM, it took 3 tries to get the right size lug nut. That means we bought a set, didn’t fit, brought it back and tried again. Eventually we made it just fine, except for the fact that I broke one of the lugs back at the rest area. No worries, 3 will be just fine for a small trailer and 200 miles.
We arrived at around 8:30 pm. Good to be home, and ready to start work again!


Monday, September 04, 2006 0 Comments

Today for me was a good rest day. Needed too. I had breakfast, took a nap. Had lunch. Took a nap. Watched Field of Dreams. Had supper. Die Hard and went to bed, but not after a couple books of the 66 was read.

Finished up trimming trees today.

Sunday, September 03, 2006 0 Comments

Today we finished up the work that we were going to do here. And in this we had help as 3 brothers (from 13 to 17) came to work. They fed the backhoe as Frank drove - cleaning up what we’ve cut the day before. Couldn’t have finished without them. For me, the day involved climbing and trimming 4 trees, trimming countless others on the other side of the driveway with a pole saw, finished cutting and picking up the branches of the day, and putting tools away.

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