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Overdue update

Friday, February 18, 2011 0 Comments

No, I’ve not been keeping up-to-date on what’s happening. I mean, who would want to read ramblings that are not very interesting? Things like today:

made coffee
swapped out off-site backup, updated server
received, reviewed, approved quote to print 15,000 Stranger books
organized print folder for new STR print
pestered Russ to get a Spanish translation of the new cover
fixed duplex problem of the printer
remove the couch from my office
setup lights / table for product photography
took product pictures of a copule new products
sold to a walk-in customer
bought new hard drive for Russ’s backup
reformatted the new hd, but wouldn’t work w/ Russ’s computer
figured out that Russ’s computer has USB troubles
convinced Russ to buy another computer
formatted the English Lamb (combined all InDesign files into one) in order to do the next:
re-work INDD file to just show only pictures for a GoodSeed staff to print
create PDF, upload and send
formatted Japanese Lamb
created PDF and sent to someone to check out
researched steel banding machine / equipment—ordered
ordered tonor for printer

So there’s a little story of why I didn’t get to importing new products for the new new GS store, which is what I wanted to do when I came in today :)

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