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Some thoughts on crusades.

Thursday, December 27, 2007 0 Comments

Today I was handed a front page of a handout of a "Follow-up Counselor's Handbook" for people to use after a local crusade. Read through and see what you think:

One of the most important aspects of the crusades is the area of Decision Follow-Up after people have responded to an invitation to receive Christ. Even though they have a fairly clear idea as to what has transpired, many will have questions, and, of course, each one will need some spiritual direction. Out of all the people who do come forward, many are making a first-time commitment to Christ' others may be making a recommitment, or they may just need some reassurance of their salvation. This is where you come in as a follow-up worker. The thought of this responsibility tends to make some people nervous. What if I don't know the answer to their question? What happens if they have a special need and require counseling in an area other than new convert follow-up? Relax! These things can and do happen from time to time. However, all of these special circumstances have been considered and planned for in advance. The fact is that with the vast majority of people who do come forward, the need is the same: spiritual direction for their new relationship in Jesus Christ. To meet that need, we will have materials to help these people not only better understand the decision they have made, but also help them grow immediately in their new walk with the Lord. These materials are purposely simple in design, yet they are very effective in helping the new convert get a clear understanding of his new-found faith. As a Decision Follow-Up Worker, you will have all the resources you need: God's Word, the Holy Spirit, and the love of Christ in your own heart. A simple description of what a Decision Follow-Up Worker really should be is a friend who helps a person get started in his new relationship with Jesus Christ. You will have the opportunity to spend 10-15 minutes helping a new believer take their first steps in their new relationship with Jesus Christ. Attending and participating in this training class prepares you to be a Decision Follow-Up Worker at the upcoming HOPE Crusade.
Now, I am thrilled people are desiring to get the message of the Bible out to those that don't know. But consider a couple thoughts with this type of approach: 1. "Even though they have a fairly clear idea as to what has transpired, many will have questions, and, of course, each one will need some spiritual direction." Are we to assume that a) they have a 'fairly clear' idea and b) something actually did transpire? Are we to assume that they are thinking the same thing as us when we use words like: "God" "Jesus" "sin"? 2. Here we have people who have their own worldview, and we are going to present a totally new, different worldview to them in an hour, which they will embrace? Am I saying that this can't happen? No, I'm not. But let's not assume that 'it' did 'happen'. And more realistically, it will take more time and more information for a person to make an informed decision. 3. Usually, these crusades are lead by a person who is a good speaker, and people are easily persuaded by emotions. I would rather let somebody make a rational decision based on facts (found in the Bible) and not how they 'feel' at a given time. Here is a video clip of one such couple that attended a crusade several years back:

So, where do we go from here? GoodSeed has some great tools to help communicate the message of the Bible in a way that makes incredible sense. In fact, I would recommend anybody to read through their materials, as well as teach others through the same. So, if you need a Bible Study, this is a good place to look.

Christmas cheer

Sunday, December 23, 2007 0 Comments

Tonight’s town’s rampage.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007 0 Comments

Some things I’ve been working on these days include creating media content for The Lamb in other languages. I’m close to completing a DVD for The Lamb in Portuguese, but in the process, I’ve had to create forms that I can send out to translators, so they can send me all the information I need to create something like this in their language. It’s rather a harmless process, as once The Lamb is translated, and audio recorded (an audio book that goes with the Lamb), most of the work is done. Once I receive a little more information, I will have enough to produce a DVD / Flash media online like the one below, as well as a PowerPoint set. The PowerPoint package will be further down the road, but most of the work is done to make this available in other languages.
The fun part is that I can caption and time the captions here (if I can read the script.) In other words, I couldn’t do Chinese, Russian or Arabic. But the languages that I can follow, like Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc. I can do from here.

This is a demo / test page of the Portuguese Lamb. To view captions, click on the "T" on the bar below the video. To veiw full screen, click the button next to the "T".

In Rememberance...

Monday, December 10, 2007 0 Comments

The purpose of this blog was to help ‘remember’ events in life. So it is with reluctance that I type this one and post.
Today I ran into a mailbox. Fortunately, the mailbox post was made of steel, so it was unhurt. However, the little Corolla did suffer harm. Like a hood, bumper and grille. After market parts looks like it’ll be around $160 to get it repaired, plus paint. So it’s not huge, but it is a bother.
Here’s the story. I was pulling into our parking lot here at the office, and right before I started to turn, someone switched lanes, from the fast to the slow, and was quite close behind me. I was fearing a rear-end if I slowed down to much (roads were compacted snow, just above freezing, so they were wet.) With that in mind, I took the corner faster than I wanted to, but not realizing that it was too fast until I couldn’t turn as much as I wanted. It was one of those slo-motion experiences, hopefully never to be repeated.
Ok, there. It’s reported. Photos may come later, if I can bring myself up to it!

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