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Stuck Skids

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One would think it would be easy to send a skid to Australia, or receive one from Taiwan. However, it’s proved to be just the opposite this time.

I hired to pick a skid up in Kent, WA to be delivered here. It was delivered—but in Tacoma, WA (apparently was given to another carrier to deliver to us.) It was supposed to arrive yesterday, and by the end of today, it’s not been seen.

The other skid to Australia—I have a quote to send this on its way. On Monday. I approved it and am still waiting on paperwork to arrive. I bumped the fellow yesterday and this morning I received an email stating “I should have some news for your shortly.” By the end of the day—zip-o.

No worries on these—they aren’t critical (time-wise.) That being said, it does add to the “things to do” list, instead of being able to “set it and forget it.” One thing I don’t like to do is hound people to get something done. I’d just forget them and try someone else, however, I’m stuck this time. Or should I say these times!

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