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Week in review

Friday, September 09, 2011

It’s been a good, but busy week.

Started on Monday helping a friend gather firewood, and trimmed several trees for another. It was Labor Day, after all!

The rest of the week included:

  1. Bought a new 24 port switch, as our old one bought the farm over the weekend.
  2. Managing a skid of books from Taiwan, and sending another skid of books to our Australian office from our office here.
  3. We are moving our email server over to another system, so I had to create those new accounts and forwards (around 50 POP accounts) and will be sending emails to all those preparing our folks for the change over.
  4. Web maintenance—adding a new product (French By This Name WorkBook) as well as engineering a different way to promote free books online.
  5. Finishing up creating subtitles in Spanish for the DVD series.

Those are the main things going on, but lots of little things going on as well. Thank all of you that help me be here!

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