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Mom's birthday, and Russ / Karyn's anniversary

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another basic day in the office. Worked on finalizing the audio files for The Lamb Powerpoint presentation. Had some trouble finding some files, and in the end didn’t fix one little problem. That’s one of the drawbacks from being in 2 places at once. (Well, between 2 places, that is - the files I need are in Canada, and I’m not there. Trouble is, that I’m not sure where the files are there, exactly. Moved too many times in the past 6 years.) Which brings me to the next point—DAM software. Digital Asset Management. One needs to know where files are, and to this point, it’s been going rather well, considering. I do need to be more organized with the files I create, so this isn’t a big problem later on in life. And with over a TB of files, you know that can be a job.
I did call home to wish Mom a happy birthday. Come to find out, she spent at least part of the day at David’s house pulling weeds. That’s one of her favorite past-times.
This evening I did laundry and worked on Skip’s videos from Alaska - trying to edit them down to a managable size. I’m about 3/4 the way through the first hour. A link to photos from that trip…here.

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