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Just an average day...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Thought I would record some of the day’s events - answered phones today (took, processed many orders, as well as fielded a lot of questions,) helped get the forklift running (battery was stone dead), fixed the folding table I broke on Saturday, finished wrapping a pallet of books going to Korea, made MP3 files for Derek to go on The Lamb Powerpoint. Then I had lunch.
After lunch, I worked on 2 projects - finishing off the DVD’s I’ve been working on - “The Meaning of a Name” and “Flying Truth in Formatin.” Both were recorded in Houston, and seems like it’s taking forever to get them completed. The other project is “The Lamb” for DVBS - my job is to put the audio files together that will go with a Powerpoint presentation. Not sure of the release on this project either (and if you have worked with us for a while, you’ll know that projects are finsihed when they are finshed - because we have just a small group of people that many things come up in the way.)
Home to Legers for supper - Drew / Noreen / Micah / Noby and Tom and Lorie were there.
After which I came back to the office and worked on my website - this time in the geneology section. I have a bunch of photos and GPS coordinants for burial sites of many ancestors, so thought it would be a good time to put some up.

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