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Glacier National Park -- Highline Trail

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Up on Logan Pass by 9:00, and started hiking the Highline trail by 9:15 or so. It was around 14 miles of hiking total, almost 7 hours, up around 2,000 feet and down 4,200’. I came back on the Loop trail, and took a shuttle to the top. Had I known, I would have hiked back to Logan instead of going down, for two reasons: The fire took out all the trees to the Loop trail, and going down isn’t as easy as one tends to think. I knew it would be a trek, and took it primarily because it was a new trail to me…

Had supper at the quick restaurant at McDonald’s Lake center. There were 2 waitresses from Czech Republic, and another from Slovakia. They got a kick out of my last name (which means a slice of bread).

Drove home the next day—

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